Term and Conditions
Above is the Thanksgiving Menu, you are welcome to make any suggestions or add your own items on the menu.
Thanksgiving Dinner start at $165 per person
20% service fee will be added
7% sale tax
1 or 2 team members at $50 per hour/ 5 hours minimum.
Extra guest
If more guests are to attend please let
the catering team know ASAP. This will
ensure that there is enough food
Depending on the menu adding a guest
starts at $95 per person.
Service time is 4 hours. This covers cook
time, eat time, and clean up. If time runs
over 4 hours at the fault of guest, a fee of
$25 per team member per extra hour will
be charged to the guest. *If you are
running late or need more time, please
contact us to let us know so we can
We ask that we have space in the kitchen
and all personal items are moved to one
side. We also ask that the sink be free of
dishes and table cleared of all personal
items (if you would like the table set)
If a guest damages any property
belonging to the catering team, the
guest will be billed for the full price of the
Item to be replaced
Once the menu is set you have 24 hours to make any needed changes. We understand that between the time of booking and the event date you may learn someone has an allergy. We can accommodate any allergy so long as notice is given 1 week in advance. Any request to change the menu must be done 72 hours before the event date and will face a fee of $100. To add an item to the menu once set will be charged a premium of $50 + the cost of the dish. *Any request made after 72 hour of the event date will not be honored.
We understand that things happen, and you may need to change the date of your event. If needing a date change, we need notice ASAP and must be done 3 weeks before your event date. If you need to cancel, you have till the end of the year to rebook. Your deposit is nonrefundable but will be applied to your rebooking.
To book its $250 deposit Non refundable (inquiry fee will be
*We work on a first come first serve. We do not
hold dates. The deposit is what locks your date in

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